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Designing Administrative Solutions

Riviera Management focuses on the necessities of the development in order to minimize the owners’ involvement in condominium administration

Riviera Management Services Playa Del Carmen
The solutions offered are different for each condominium according to their technical and physical characteristics. Examples of such characteristics may be different installations, size of pools, or additional services required by the condominium.

Our focus is to simplify maintenance and cleaning by training multi-functional employees in order to reduce HOA fees, while maintaining the highest standards in satisfaction and quality. The commitment which RIVIERA MANAGEMENT adopts is effective in every aspect, assuring developers the impeccable physical conditions of the condominiums and creating lasting bonds with the owners of private units.

Full disclosure of our administration is an essential element to the owners, as it is for our developers and colleagues alike. Through a strict selection process, we choose contractors which best reflect the capacity and flexibility that characterize us. Price is not the only factor in determining our selection, but it must also be in relation to the quality and reliability of the providers selected.

The strong bonds we create with the owners help to minimize difficulties and improve the post-sale relationship between Developer and Owner in the case that there is a problem or imperfection after the property has been handed over to the owner. The communication between the condominiums and RIVIERA MANAGEMENT is considered essential to our company, forming a professional team achieving the highest quality in the most efficient fashion.

Certified To Administrate Condominium Properties.
We hold official certification to administrate condominium properties, as established by the “Law of Properties in Condominiums” for the state of Quintana Roo. This Certification, assures that we do not only have academic knowledge to accomplish our job, but also operative and technical skills.

Riviera Management Services Playa Del Carmen
We cover all condominium management needs:
Extraordinary fees collection
Coordiantion and law sues consulting (delinquents)
Common area Cleaning
Preventive Mainetnance
Corrective Maintenance
Security coordination
Communication between the authorities and the condominium
Promote a good living environment and bylaws enforcement at the condominium
Insurance proposals and follow ups
Coordination and follow up of special projects authorized by the Board
Tailored customer services
Constant Communication with the Vigilance Commitee

Our lines are open 24 hours per day 365 day per year
Our staff is bilingual to facilitate the communication with every owner, most of the case we speak more than 2 languages. By hiring Our Company you are hiring a group of professionals, experts in taking over former administrations which cuts the knowledge line and enhance the quality of our services.
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